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The New York International Music Competition (NYIMC) represents an advanced platform that redefines the drive for talent and artistic ambition on a global level. We stand out as a dynamic space where artists from all around the world can showcase their skills and achieve their artistic aspirations. Our main objective is to support artistic creativity and motivate talented artists, fostering their continuous growth and contributing to the promotion of classical music in modern society. Our competition warmly welcomes vocalists, instrumentalists (including piano, string, wind, and percussion instruments, as well as chamber music performers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

The New York International Music Competition (NYIMC) takes place entirely online, providing a unique experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of artistic competitions. In addition to offering a platform for artists to showcase their talent, it also provides them with opportunities to delve into immersive learning, focused on artistic excellence, constructive feedback, and personal development. We facilitate participants in testing their interpretive skills and artistic talent, while also contributing to the enrichment of the educational landscape in the arts field.

The New York International Music Competition (NYIMC), a globally renowned event recognized for its commitment to musical excellence, takes pride in highlighting not only the extraordinary achievements of our participating musicians but also the invaluable dedication and success of music teachers and accompanying musicians who play a crucial role in creating outstanding performances. Our competition stands out as the first to formally recognize and honor both teachers and collaborating/accompanying musicians, celebrating their essential contributions to art and the success of each performance. This holistic approach to recognition underscores our belief in the collaborative nature of musical achievements, where the role of each collaborator is essential on the path to excellence.

The New York International Music Competition (NYIMC) is proud to offer an exceptional musical experience entirely free of charge. We firmly believe in equitable access to quality musical opportunities, which is why we have eliminated any registration or participation fees for our prestigious event. Our mission is to promote musical excellence without financial barriers, providing talented musicians from around the world the opportunity to shine on a global stage without worrying about associated costs. This reflects our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and universal access to high-level music education. By participating in NYIMC, musicians and their accompanists can fully focus on their art without financial worries, contributing to a fair and stimulating competition environment for all participants.

Application Deadline: May 5th, 2024

No application fees REQUIRED